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We ❤️️ the DOvEE Project

The DOvEE Project’s mission is to help with the early detections and diagnosis of ovarian and endometrial cancers.
Learn more about the DOvEE project and help us through our donation page.

Mission statement

The DOvEE project

DOvEE is a research-based clinic that is affiliated with the McGill University Health
Centre (MUHC), one of the top-tier research-based institutes in the world.The
fundamental goal of the DOvEE research clinic is to ensure that eligible women are
offered easy, fast access to imperative, yet specialized, medical examinations,
which will consequently allow for the early detection and diagnosis of ovarian and
endometrial cancers.

Together we can make a difference

A brighter tomorrow for ovarian & endometrial cancer diagnosis.

The DOvEEgene test was developed by a team of dedicated Canadian doctors, professors and researchers to increase the proportion of women
diagnosed in early stages of ovarian and endometrial Cancers; helping increase the chances of being cured.

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The Silent Killer

Endometrial and ovarian cancers account for the top 4th cause of cancer deaths in women in Canada, cervical cancer is the 16th top killer.

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8 women die from ovarian and endometrial cancers each day in Canada

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Most ovarian and a subset of endometrial cancers (25%) are diagnosed in stage 3 and 4 when the cancer has spread due to vague/unspecific symptoms

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Survival Rate

The 5-year survival rate for ovarian and endometrial cancers diagnosed in stage 1 is close to 90% while those diagnosed in stage 4 drop to a 20% survival rate